Forum-Dialogo italo-russo della società civile

Dialogue forum between Russia - Austria, Germany, Italy, France covering

: Mosca
: 26 novembre 2020

The 26th November 2020 forum «Russian dialogue forum - Austria, Germany, Italy, France» will take place in Moscow, the first combined meeting of four Forum-Dialogues. The main point of the discussion is the further collaboration between forums and also the plans and the projects for the next year. The meeting will be held in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Russia (Moscow, Ilinka street 6/1, building 1, hall «Biblioteka», 3rd floor), at 12:00 Moscow Standard Time.

«Recovery for progress»

Russia, together with major European partners - Austria, Germany, Italy, France are uniting into a unique setup to promote a dialogue to further improve civil society among these countries. All four Dialogues successfully implement various initiatives in the fields of culture, youth policy, the academic world, cinema, literature, business, etc. We face an unprecedented crisis caused by the spread of a previously unknown virus and it is necessary for us to engage and consolidate.

What is the best development strategy to obtain the most productive cooperation and form a strong relationship in our society? What will serve as a foundation for synergy among our organizations? How can we share experiences and knowledge by Russian-Austrian, Russian-German, Russian-Italian, Russian-France dialogues to achieve common goals? All of those questions will be the groundwork of these discussions, attended by representatives of the Forum-Dialogues, as well as leading experts in the field of culture, science, the academic world and business. 

Speakers include: Co-presidents of Russian-Italian Forum-Dialogue V. Dmitriev and E. Ferleghi; Co-president of Trianon Dialogue and Rector of MGIMO A. Torkunov; Chief Economist of VEB.RF A. Klepach; Senator from Perm Krai A. Pushkov; Director of Analytical Center «Observo»  of the French-Russian Chamber of Commerce in Moscow A. Dubien; President of ENEA, Head of Ecology Working Group of Forum-Dialogue F. Testa; Chief of unit Infrastructures, Energy, Transport and Industry in French Embassy in Moscow S. Henrion; Director of IPACS RANEPA, Head of Academic and Scientific Collaborations Working Group of Forum-Dialogue I. Bartsits and others.

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